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Solar Power and Panels:
Solar power is a popular renewable energy. Photovoltaic modules (i.e. solar panels) are the most reliable means of generating electricity available today. They are designed to operate for over 30 years, have no moving parts to wear out, and require no maintenance. Solar panels have been used successfully in all climates.

Wind Generators:
Wind generating plants are also very popular. If your location has a good steady wind at regular intervals then power production will not be a problem!

Micro Hydroelectric Generators:
Hydroelectric generators can be a viable option. These small (i.e. micro) generators require a healthy flow of water with substantial vertical drop throughout the year. Micro hydro systems are often the most economical renewable eneregy if a good souyrce of water is available.

It is important to note that a combination of systems often works best, depending on the conditions of the proposed site. For example, if cloud cover reduces your solar energy output, wind or hydro systems are typically performing at full power.

Products Available

  • Solar panels
  • Wind generators
  • Hydro systems
  • Inverters, controllers and necessary components
  • Surrette Batteries

Solar Power Systems

Photovoltaic modules (solar panels) convert sunlight into electricity, and wire conducts the electricity to batteries where it is stored until needed. On the way to the batteries the electrical current passes through a regulator (controller) which monitors and controls power to the batteries, thus eliminating the risk of over-charging the batteries.

Solar panels provide plenty of power for 12VDC and 110-220V AC electrical systems, and new regulator technology can result in an increase of module output by up to 25%.

Solar Panel Energy Systems

Wind Generator Systems

Modern wind generators are an effective tool for harnessing the natural power of the wind. Wind turbines are available in many sizes, ranging from 500 watts of power and up. They are often used in conjunction with solar power to supplement loads (a hybrid system is especially effective during the winter months). Winds must be steady and turbulence free to get maximum power out of the generator.

Wind Generators

Micro Hydro Generator Systems

If your property has an adequate source of flowing water then a small hydro system may be the most economical way of producing power. Small hydro generators are simple, reliable and produce electricity when you need it the most (e.g. in the winter season).

Micro Hydro Generators

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